Where to Learn More

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund: Much like Rick’s fight with Alzheimer’s spurred our fight, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund was founded in 2004 in the frustrations of three families with the pace of research towards a cure. A 501(c)(3), since then they’ve been able to donate over $74 million towards that research. (Learn More)

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine: Since its founding in 1876, Johns Hopkins University has become one of the premier medical research facilities in the world. Their Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center keeps as its mission the acceleration of new treatments for the mechanisms of the disease, and the quest for an ultimate cure. (Learn More)

National Institutes of Health: A vital part of the National Institutes of Health is the National Institute on Aging. Since 1974, their mission has been the improvement of the health and well-being of older Americans. One in 10 people over 65 have Alzheimer’s dementia. (Learn More)

University of Virginia: The University of Virginia School of Medicine was the tenth medical school in the United States and has been an integral part of Thomas Jefferson’s school since 1819. For generations since, members of their faculty have been recognized and honored for their research and discoveries, and they continue to do groundbreaking work today. (Learn More)